We will be at the Monroe Farmer's Market. Farmers market is from spring through fall at courthouse square in stroudsburg
Monroe Farmers Market

Pomme starts with raw organically-grown cider, crushed in an English bladder press, which preserves all of the fruit’s natural character.  It is then clarified and fermented in a scrupulously controlled tank, which guarantees uniformity of temperature.  The wine is then filtered using a two-stage process, which passes it through a microbial filter resulting in a sterile but yet organic product.  Finally, prior to bottling, the wine is finished without using heat-degrading pasteurization or the addition of sulfites or any other chemical preservative.  Rather than cold-stabilization, i.e. chilling, it is next barrel-aged for approximately four months to develop its character. 

During this time, as the wine matures, it develops “weinsteins” or “wine diamonds” which are prized in European white wines as an indication of the crafting of a high quality wine.  Europeans seek white wine with this characteristic for it is a sign of a well-matured wine that has not been overly processed.  Apparently, Europeans know that the occurrence of wine diamonds adds roundness and smoothness to a wine. Traditional apple or our all natural flavors cherry or raspberry.  No added sulfites.

APPLE LIQUEUR which is extracted by cryogenics process and produces a liqueur which is extremely smooth with a fresh apple finish that is 75 proof.  Sweet and flavorful in the initial mouth sensation.  Balance is achieved by the acidity which gives a clean, dry finish.  Renowned as  "dessert in a glass"

The Uber Ice Wine:
Apple, cherry or raspberry all natural flavors. No added sulfites

Hand crafted organic champagne in four variites, Natural Apple, Raspberry, Cherry and our Grand Reserve, aged in french oak.



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VISITS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call, email or visit us at the Monroe Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

We are at the Monroe County Farm Market on Ann Street. Farmers market is from spring through fall at courthouse square in stroudsburg
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