We will be at the Monroe Farmer's Market. Farmers market is from spring through fall at courthouse square in stroudsburg
Monroe Farmers Market


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Pocono Limited Winery is a proud medal winner in the Finger Lakes
International Wine Competition: 2009-2016:


We would like to invite you to experience a new perspective on wine: La Pomme. A dry and crisp wine produced from organically-grown apples.  Organic and natural Pomme is unique in a world of grape wines. Its quality and taste were developed to adhere to the highest standards and traditional methods of European winemaking.

Hand-crafted excellence borne of pride fills each and every bottle of La Pomme. Once you savor a mature, refreshing glass of La Pomme, we know your standard of white wine will be elevated to new heights. Its rich apple bouquet and crisp finish will tantalize your taste buds.

What began as a hobby has grown into a premium wine
crafted in a European style.




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VISITS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call, email or visit us at the Monroe Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.